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customize the template for .TableOfContents #225

ktmud opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I want to make it work with Bootstrap's scrollspy, but the html structure seems to be hardcoded.


That would be awesome. There's already a similar request in the parent library russross/blackfriday#51

We could always fork the parent and add our own support, but I would rather work with them if at all possible. Perhaps adding a comment on that ticket would help... or a PR

@spf13 spf13 added the enhancement label

It's kind of unfortunate that blackfriday doesn't parse into a syntax tree before outputting html. I would love to have .TableOfContents just be a Go struct/map/whatever that I can iterate to generate the TOC. Blackfriday has a Renderer interface but it forces you to copy/paste the entire Html{} code in order to modify anything (which could be an option for hugo. Implement its own Renderer).

It seems the other option would be to HTML parse the <nav> and then be able to build the struct/map/whatever from that. Could use an HTML parser like or something else. Could also possible simplify the hugolib.extractTOC function.

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