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Updated docs to show off new load pathing and note new features.

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@@ -26,12 +26,13 @@ ln -s .profile.d/init .profile
source .profile
-From here you can now put any .profile.d/<notextile>*</notextile>.conf file, or put it in a folder for your `uname` (Darwin, Linux, SunOS are already there). The load order is.
+From here you can now put any @*.conf@ in @~/.profile.d@ and it'll get loaded in alphabetical order. You can also put conf files in @~/.profile.d/`uname`@ to get platform-specific configuration or @~/.profile.d/$USER@ to get user-specific configuration. The load order (defined in the @init@ file) is:
# .profile.d/init
-# .profile.d/`uname`/init
# .profile.d/<notextile>*</notextile>.conf
+# .profile.d/$USER/<notextile>*</notextile>.conf
# .profile.d/`uname`/<notextile>*</notextile>.conf
+# .profile.d/$USER/`uname`/<notextile>*</notextile>.conf
h2. Features
@@ -47,8 +48,9 @@ h2. Features
* 'link_dotfiles' command that will create symlinks for all the files listed in the dotfiles directory
* Auto setup of .foward file on Linux and Solaris
* Integration with "CDArgs":
+* "Autojump":
h2. Planned features
-* Tab completion for ssh hosts in Solaris
+* Tab completion for ssh hosts in Solaris/Ubuntu
* Single-command for SSH key distribution and profile distribution
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