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-[smeagol][smeagol] is this ugly dude who led some hobbits around.
-This is an attempt by an ugly dude to lead open source hackers through their
-initial bootstrapping of a machine. I also wanted to play with chef a little more.
+[smeagol][smeagol] is this ugly dude who led some hobbits around, this is kinda the same thing.
+Except, like, instead of hiking mordor you're trying to write some open source code on a mac.
FWIW it was easier to just write bash for this. :(
@@ -13,15 +11,20 @@ What it does
* Sets you up with homebrew
* Installs git from homebrew, sets up ~/.gitconfig
-* Installs postgresql, mongodb, and mysql
-* Installs rvm and sets up 1.8.7 to be the default
-* Installs both bundler08 and the bundler gems
+* Installs postgresql, mysql, redis, and mongodb
+* Installs rvm and sets up 1.8.7 to be the default, self manages on 1.9.2 as well
+* Installs common ruby frameworks, imagemagick, sqlite3 and all that bullshit
+* Installs a pretty sane ~/.irbrc
+* Installs a badass node.js development environment
+* Installs a modern python environment
+* Installs MacVim and the mvim shortcut
+This is what I run on my system, [cider][cider] is a subset of that.
-These are the recipes that [cider][cider]
- % EDITOR="vim" EMAIL="" FULLNAME="Tyler Durden" rake smeagol:install
+ % EDITOR="vim" GITHUB_USER="fightclub" GITHUB_TOKEN="..." EMAIL="" FULLNAME="Tyler Durden" rake smeagol:install
You may be prompted for your sudo password at some point during installation. Everything is getting installed as your user though.
@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@ heroku
-rails -v 3.0.0.beta4 --pre
+rails -v 3.0.0.rc --pre

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