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Removing command-T compilation from the install script

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1 parent 8c51a02 commit e9521c1d252fa55cfd1bfdbcee47efda471853c9 @spf13 committed Feb 14, 2012
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@@ -29,10 +29,4 @@ echo "Installing Vundle"
git clone $HOME/.vim/bundle/vundle
echo "installing plugins using Vundle"
-vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q
-# Build command-t for your system
-echo "building command-t executable\n"
-echo "command-t depends on ruby and rake to be present\n"
-cd $HOME/.vim/bundle/Command-T
-(rake make) || warn "Ruby compilation failed. Ruby, GCC or rake not installed?"
+vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q

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