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vim-nerdtree-tabs don't work #202

JoveYu opened this Issue · 9 comments

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in my vim vim-nerdtree-tabs don't work now ,it is a reay nice plugin


You really need to add some more info about what's going on if you want some help with this. "It doesn't work" could mean anything.


when i use spf13 edit python file in archlinux64 ,vim will automatically exit sometimes ,i don't know why?

and when i open a file in vim-nerdtree-tabs ,why it always autoclose?i remember it will always open as a window!


Do you mean vim crashes? Or does it exit cleanly as if you had used :q ?

Is this ONLY with spf13? Try vim -u /dev/null and compare?

Next try disabling the python group in .vimrc.bundles, maybe?

Do these things work normally when you install them yourself and not using spf13?


yes it is ,but i use other colorscheme like desert it work well,i don't if it is colorscheme probrem!


oh no ,today i use desert colorscheme ,it also break down,i don't why and what i should do !


i use

vim -V9vimlog

it show

CSApprox: Exiting - high fg color found for gitcommitBranch


CSApprox is for adapting gvim color schemes to work in a terminal.

I don't know why that would be a problem, but maybe your terminal is upset about strange color values?

What terminal are you using? What is the value of echo $TERM?


it is xterm


when i use "colorscheme desert" ,it show

CSApprox: Exiting - high fg color found for EasyMotionTargetDefault

so i commented "Bundle 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion'" ,and show no error and CSApprox work well

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