Error while installing: E282: Cannot read from "$BASE_DIR/.vimrc.bundles"Vim: Reading from stdin #227

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This error comes on windows. see the screenshot here. The git steps complete fine but the last step gives the error. Also, I think you need to change $BASE_DIR to %BASE_DIR%, that's how environment variables are read in windows. And I tried changing that, I still get an error(see screenshot here). There's no .vimrc.bundles in the directory 'C:\users\rajat.spf13-vim-3. There's only a.vimdirectory there and the directory tree further is.vim->bundle->vundle->a bunch of stuff`. See screenshot here.


screenshots are very helpful? Is this XP or Windows 7?


Nevermind, I fixed it. 010d213

@spf13 spf13 closed this Nov 21, 2012

Yeap, sorry. My fault.

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