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BufExplorer? #306

nedludd opened this Issue · 6 comments

5 participants

Ned Ludd John Tyree Steve Francia Chris DeLuca Johnny Robeson
Ned Ludd

The .vimrc includes lines calling "BufExplorer" but it does not seem to be installed.

" Buffer explorer {
     nmap <leader>b :BufExplorer<CR>
" }

(lines 392-394)

I had to install the bundle 'corntrace/bufexplorer' to get it.

John Tyree

Not sure why it's there, but I personally vote to keep it out. It was having serious issues and I had to remove it from my setup. It was constantly having trouble numbering buffers correctly, causing bizarre errors that would ruin whatever you were trying to do. Especially when switching between buffers.

Steve Francia
Chris DeLuca

@nedludd, looks like this has been removed. Is this issue safe to close?

Ned Ludd

Yup, no worries

Chris DeLuca

Cool, would you mind closing it? :)

Johnny Robeson

@bronzehedwick : if it seems that we're waiting for info add the "needinfo" label. Although this seems closable now as BufExplorer code does seem to be gone from the codebase

Johnny Robeson jrobeson closed this
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