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when upgrade meet errors. #322

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when I upgrade, I see this error:
Error detected while processing /home5/drupalon/.vimrc:
line 172:
E474: Invalid argument: listchars=tab:â~@º\ ,trail:â~@¢,extends:#,nbsp:.
Press ENTER or type command to continue


Hi master, the system is centos-release-6-4.el6.centos.10.x86_64

the 172 line is : set listchars=tab:›\ ,trail:•,extends:#,nbsp:. " Highlight problematic whitespace


I had the very same issue, because I was using a vim without multi_byte support. You can check if your vim has multi_byte support by executing vim --version. Just look for multi_byte, If you see a +multi_byte multi_byte support is enabled if you just find a -multi_byte it isn't enabled... and by enabled i mean compiled with multi_byte support...


Confirmed that this is an issue for vim without multi byte support. We can not always choose our vim installations, so would be nice if this was fixed. Commenting that line out for now.


Has this issue been resolved?


@bronzehedwick : it looks like we'd have to look for has('multi_byte) and use some other characters if it isnt enabled.



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