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256 vs 8 colors problem with tmux linux-consoles and xterm #60

drake01 opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I frequently use xterm as well as linux ttys (virtual linux consoles) with a new tmux-session running on each instance of them.

Native linux tty is unable to display 256 colors (AFAIK) and whereas xterm is..
But since both tty and xterm runs tmux session, $TERM is same for both.
I am unable to set t_Co value in vimrc.local, so that it would be able to distinguish tty and xterm terminal emulators with tmux running over them.

Although, I would love to use a tty with 256 color support (Question 1->) any suggestions about tty with 256 color support?? Currently checking out fbterm n a few others..

For now it would be great to able to identify terminal type and set t_Co correspondingly..
(Question2->)How should I do it??

I have been using spf13-vim for like a year or so. After this upgrade to 3.0 version, I am facing this sudden demand for 256 colors and vim is running slow too on xterm..
So (Question 3->) Does the additions done in 3.0 really bring things which previous versions lacked???


is this still a problem for you @drake01 . I know more distros have enabled 256 colors by default since this issue was filed


Hey @jrobeson Apologize for taking time to reply back. This issue was about vim on Ubuntu 12.04. I can't say about other distributions or newer versions of Ubuntu, but with Ubuntu 12.04 using latest spf13-vim, the problem is still there. (it doesn't bother me now though!)


you could try unbundling csapprox and see if that helps. We plan on removing it from the defaults in the near future.


It has been removed. Need to rerun the installer then run :BundleClean!


@drake01 does spf13's answer solve the problem?

@jrobeson jrobeson added the needinfo label

closing due to lack of response

@jrobeson jrobeson closed this
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