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Added symbolic link creation for .vimrc.local and .vimrc.bundles.local #223

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When installing/reinstalling using

In case of people having a fork of this project and having added the customization files .vimrc.local and/or .vimrc.bundles.local to their repo, this changes will create a symbolic link similar to what is done to all other configuration files.


I thought that was the reason there was a .vimrc.fork and .vimrc.bundles.fork file. They local's weren't intended to be bundled into spf13-vim, but for people forking the project, the .fork files provided the exact same level of control without stepping on the toes of the .locals.


Take this response with a grain of salt, because I am new to this environment I have probably misunderstood how all the pieces fit together.

I would appreciate if you'd shed some light as to how could I achieve this:
- Sync my ".local" configuration over multiple machines.
Do you suggest making a fork and copying my ".local" files' content to ".fork" files? If there is a better way than to do a fork, please tell me.

I see your point but consider the case of people wanting to have its ".local" in a repo, so they can access them from everywhere they want. Why do you want to limit them to have ".fork" files in version control? Can't they have ".local" and ".fork"?

Imagine Foo as an awesome python and vim user and he makes a fork of spf-13 and customizes its ".fork" files greatly for his needs. Then Bar is in love with this fork and starts using it. Then Bar wants to have his own customizations in github, in his ".local" files so he can pull from Foo when he desires. What do you suggest Bar to do to be able to have his ".local" files synced in multiple machines?

That was one of the scenarios where I will find this useful. It doesn't hurt people not having their ".local" in the repo, but it helps people who do have them. Those ".fork" files where added to the picture 2 months ago (4952500). I am pretty sure, there are some amount of forks prior to that date that use ".local" in their forks and would benefit.

Anyway, just 3 lines of code that don't add a lot, so no worries and thanks for the input.


Thank you very much.

I understand it better, now.

Discarding pull request in 3, 2, 1...

@Chipairon Chipairon closed this

A few days ago I played around with turning .fork files into a submodule so I could checkout branches and swap tool sets quickly based on the project. I keep my two local files in a personal dotfiles-scripts-snips folder and then symlink them to ~ where spf expects them. That way they're part of normal backing up.

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@@ -40,6 +40,15 @@ lnif $endpath/.vimrc.fork $HOME/.vimrc.fork
lnif $endpath/.vimrc.bundles $HOME/.vimrc.bundles
lnif $endpath/.vimrc.bundles.fork $HOME/.vimrc.bundles.fork
lnif $endpath/.vim $HOME/.vim
+if [ -e $endpath/.vimrc.local ]; then
+ lnif $endpath/.vimrc.local $HOME/.vimrc.local
+if [ -e $endpath/.vimrc.bundles.local ]; then
+ lnif $endpath/.vimrc.bundles.local $HOME/.vimrc.bundles.local
if [ ! -d $endpath/.vim/bundle ]; then
mkdir -p $endpath/.vim/bundle
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