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A set of scripts to do one-stroke virtual host setup with apache2 package
in Debian/Ubuntu.
Author: Timothy Chien [:timdream] <>
License: GPLv2.
*Please*: do create you own version and publish it, but DO claim your
responsibility of authorship.
* - making virtual host.
Upon running, will:
* create vhost directories and all conf files.
* Set up two virtual hosts "shortname" and "shortname-redirect". The later
one is good for blind redirection, e.g. www.domain.tld -> domain.tld.
* Set up logrotate, awstat and their corntab.
* - remove conf file symbolic links of the vhost created by
After running, to permentently delete the virtual host, do 'rm -R ./vhost/'
* - recreate links.
* config
**Experimental** Setup LAMP enviroment on a bare Ubuntu system.
Known issue:
* apache2 package changed virtual host setting from <VirtualHost *> to
<VirtualHost *:80> after version 2.2.9-8. Do modify accordingly
BEFORE creating virtual hosts.