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Long term plans

  • Automatically index C headers when /usr/include/$name.h exists?

  • It seems that Exuberant Ctags doesn't support Objective-C which makes the file type mapping between C and Objective-C useless. Maybe the plug-in should just treat Objective-C source code as C?

  • Integration with my unreleased project plug-in so that when you edit any file in a project, all related files are automatically scanned for tags?

  • Use separate tags files for each language stored in ~/.vim/tags/ to increase performance because a single, global tags file quickly grows to a megabyte?

  • Make g:easytags_autorecurse accept the following values: 0 (only scan the current file), 1 (always scan all files in the same directory) and 2 (always recurse down the current directory)?

  • On Microsoft Windows (tested on XP) GVim loses focus while ctags is running because Vim opens a command prompt window. Also the CursorHold event seems to fire repeatedly, contradicting my understanding of the automatic command and its behavior on UNIX?! This behavior doesn't occur when I use the integration with my shell.vim plug-in.

  • I might have found a bug in Vim: The tag easytags#highlight_cmd was correctly being highlighted by my plug-in (and was indeed included in my tags file) even though I couldn't jump to it using Ctrl-], which caused:

    E426: tag not found: easytags#highlight_cmd

    But immediately after that error if I do:

    :echo taglist('easytags#highlight_cmd') [{'cmd': '/^function! easytags#highlight_cmd() " {{{1$/', 'static': 0, \ 'name': 'easytags#highlight_cmd', 'language': 'Vim', 'kind': 'f', \ 'filename': '/home/peter/Development/Vim/vim-easytags/autoload.vim'}]

    It just works?! Some relevant context: I was editing ~/.vim/plugin/easytags.vim at the time (a symbolic link to ~/Development/Vim/vim-easytags/easytags.vim) and wanted to jump to the definition of the function easytags#highlight_cmd in ~/.vim/autoload/easytags.vim (a symbolic link to ~/Development/Vim/vim-easytags/autoload.vim). I was already editing ~/.vim/autoload/easytags.vim in another Vim buffer.

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