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small but scheme-typically powerful web application framework

  • initialises web applications, starts a server and provides optional modules for some features commonly needed for web projects
  • similar perhaps to express.js
  • status: should work. maintained as of 2018-09

minimal example

(import (sph web app) (sph web app http))

(define (app-respond request) (respond "test"))

(define swa-app (swa-create (quote project-name) app-respond))

(swa-start swa-app #f swa-server-guile)

put the above in a file example.scm then

guile example.scm


listening on
exit with ctrl+c

then take a browser and go to


  • starts a server, passes request objects to handler procedures and transmits response objects
  • protocol agnostic core: socket -> web-app -> socket
  • pluggable server (thread-pool scgi, fibers scgi, direct http, none for testing ...)
  • composable projects. projects can derive functionality and assets from other projects
  • derivative environment configuration files in an s-expression format
  • mostly functional, avoids side-effects. no "set!" used
  • basic routing on any request property and url pattern matching
  • the scgi servers are for use with a proxy like nginx for https, automatic chunked-encoding, fast file transfers, keep-alive, websockets, load-balancing, caching, general http robustness and more
  • optional modules
    • http requests/responses
    • templating with s-expression versions of xml (sxml), css (plcss) and javascript (sescript)
    • asset processing: transcompilation, bundling, minification, compression, formatting, etc
  • fast
    • plain vectors as records for request and response objects
    • response objects can have procedures that send data while it is generated
    • requests have little overhead as little data has to be prepared


web-app manual

other learning resources

an example project can be created with

web-app --example project-name

sourcecode of live projects



  • install all dependencies if there are some
  • download
  • unpack the downloaded archive. for example with "tar -xf sph-web-app.tgz" (-x is for extract, -f is for the input file)
cd sph-web-app
su root

the installer copies files and sets their filesystem permissions. the script can take one argument, the path prefix to install to

pacman package

using aurget

aurget -S --deps sph-web-app-git