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csv file and anki deck for learning about common kanji fast
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a csv file and anki deck to learn to distinguish the 2000+ most common kanji and components/radicals. the kanji are sorted by frequency of use and so that they dont appear before their parts, thanks to the topokanji project. only a single word is given for the meaning for quick learning. additionally, example words and their kana reading are included. the example words were selected based on twitter and blog usage frequencies. download/topokanji-deck.csv contains the data for flashcards and download/topokanji.apkg is the anki deck (ankiweb page).

  • "covers about 95-99% of kanji found in various Japanese texts. Generally, the goal is provide something similar to Jōyō kanji, but based on actual data."
  • sensitive example words were excluded
  • files are in utf-8

data sources and thanks to

all data sources are included and all other data of this project is cc-by-sa-4.0.


  • how to recreate the csv file
    • initialise the development environment once with "npm install" to install dependencies
    • execute coffee js/
    • see the top of the code file for configuration options
  • how to import a csv file into anki
    • ensure a card type with at least three fields exists then go to file -> import
  • a note about unicode: kanji components and kanji that look exactly the same exist at multiple separate codepoints. see wikipedia: kangxi radical unicode
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