Assets 2
  • Juno publication (third time's the charm)
  • removing Loki branch to avoid problems (seems a bug of appcenter or similar mixing branches) with Juno publication

@spheras spheras released this Oct 3, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Change Wallpaper from Desktop right click
  • Dutch Translation by @Vistaus
  • Improved Russian Translation by @ingumsky
  • Updated project for GTK 3.22 and Elementary Juno
  • Minor Bugfixing

@spheras spheras released this Feb 26, 2018

Assets 3
  • Italian translation
  • Minor saving performance improvements
  • *~ files are ignored now

@spheras spheras released this Dec 26, 2017

Assets 3
  • Desktop Background
  • Rename in Place
  • Different Notes Status (top, back, normal)
  • Buttons to Headers (remove)
  • Link Panels to folders
  • Photo Scale aspect ratio
  • Custom Colors for Panel and Notes
  • Menu Redesign & Panel Settings Window
  • Restore Windows when Super+D is pressed again
  • Resolution Strategy to prevent widgets going off-screen
  • Use .desktopnote/.desktopphoto rather than .dfn/.dfp
  • Don't allow renaming panels to invalid folder names
  • Serbian translation by @pavlepiramida
  • Russian translation by @camellan
  • Arch building by @GabMus
  • A lot of Minor Bugfixing

@spheras spheras released this Oct 25, 2017

Assets 3
  • Drag and Drop to Move/Copy/Link depending on key pressed (none/control/alt|shift)
  • Text Shadow and Bold configuration
  • Deleting Last Panel bugfixing
  • Move panels from body
  • DESKTOP window types (workspace movement improvement and others)
  • Drag and Drop folders (recursive copy)
  • Undo/Redo and others over Text Notes
  • Menu Redesign
  • Lithuanian and French translations
  • Minor Bugfixing