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1.12.0 (2016-05-02)


  • services: add support for fetching and updating by key to product type and type service 89a924c
  • authentication: automatically renew an access_token before it expires (#127) 7f275d3


  • rest: prevent overwriting of sort when doing a PAGED request.
    Now you are able to provide your own sorting when doing all(). If you don't provide any sorting it
    will still sort by id by default. 5d8d4dd
  • fetch: perPage(0) which corresponds to limit=0 no longer triggers a page request.
    Now the all() method no longer calls perPage(0) and thus set the limit=0. This is legacy since it
    was used in the past to fetch all entries from a CTP API endpoint. Now doing limit=0 is used to get
    the base stats without getting any results and all() is (still) beeing used to get all results from
    an CTP API endpoint. 71dc7d0