shell for jira that use REST API
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Jira-cli is simple cli client for JIRA.
It was started as tutorial project and it just can make only some simple command for JIRA.
Jira-cli use JIRA REST API as official library from Atlassian.

What is supported:

usage: java -cp jira-cli.jar [--block-size <SIZE>] [-getProject <[name] | [-a]>]
       [-h] [-i <action>] [-l <server login password>] [-s] [-w]
   --block-size <SIZE>                 	  use SIZE-byte blocks
   -getProject <[name] | [-a]>            Get project by name (-a for all projects)
   -h,--help                              Show help
   -i,--issue <action>                    Show issue
   -l,--login <server login password>     Login
   -s                                     Show summary for issues
   -w                                     Show watcher for issues