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"""Interface with git locally and remotely."""
import glob
import json
import logging
import os
import re
import sys
import tarfile
import time
from datetime import datetime
from subprocess import CalledProcessError, PIPE, Popen, STDOUT
IS_WINDOWS = sys.platform == 'win32'
RE_ALL_REMOTES = re.compile(r'([\w./-]+)\t([A-Za-z0-9@:/\\._-]+) \((fetch|push)\)\n')
RE_REMOTE = re.compile(r'^(?P<sha>[0-9a-f]{5,40})\trefs/(?P<kind>heads|tags)/(?P<name>[\w./-]+(?:\^\{})?)$',
RE_UNIX_TIME = re.compile(r'^\d{10}$', re.MULTILINE)
class GitError(Exception):
"""Raised if git exits non-zero."""
def __init__(self, message, output):
self.message = message
self.output = output
super(GitError, self).__init__(message, output)
def chunk(iterator, max_size):
"""Chunk a list/set/etc.
:param iter iterator: The iterable object to chunk.
:param int max_size: Max size of each chunk. Remainder chunk may be smaller.
:return: Yield list of items.
:rtype: iter
gen = iter(iterator)
while True:
chunked = list()
for i, item in enumerate(gen):
if i >= max_size - 1:
if not chunked:
yield chunked
def run_command(local_root, command, env_var=True, pipeto=None, retry=0, environ=None):
"""Run a command and return the output.
:raise CalledProcessError: Command exits non-zero.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param iter command: Command to run.
:param dict environ: Environment variables to set/override in the command.
:param bool env_var: Define GIT_DIR environment variable (on non-Windows).
:param function pipeto: Pipe `command`'s stdout to this function (only parameter given).
:param int retry: Retry this many times on CalledProcessError after 0.1 seconds.
:return: Command output.
:rtype: str
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Setup env.
env = os.environ.copy()
if environ:
if env_var and not IS_WINDOWS:
env['GIT_DIR'] = os.path.join(local_root, '.git')
env.pop('GIT_DIR', None)
# Run command.
with open(os.devnull) as null:
main = Popen(command, cwd=local_root, env=env, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE if pipeto else STDOUT, stdin=null)
if pipeto:
main_output = main.communicate()[1].decode('utf-8') # Might deadlock if stderr is written to a lot.
main_output = main.communicate()[0].decode('utf-8')
log.debug(json.dumps(dict(cwd=local_root, command=command, code=main.poll(), output=main_output)))
# Verify success.
if main.poll() != 0:
if retry < 1:
raise CalledProcessError(main.poll(), command, output=main_output)
return run_command(local_root, command, env_var, pipeto, retry - 1)
return main_output
def get_root(directory):
"""Get root directory of the local git repo from any subdirectory within it.
:raise GitError: If git command fails (dir not a git repo?).
:param str directory: Subdirectory in the local repo.
:return: Root directory of repository.
:rtype: str
command = ['git', 'rev-parse', '--show-toplevel']
output = run_command(directory, command, env_var=False)
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Failed to find local git repository root in {}.'.format(repr(directory)), exc.output)
output = output.replace('/', '\\')
return output.strip()
def list_remote(local_root):
"""Get remote branch/tag latest SHAs.
:raise GitError: When git ls-remote fails.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:return: List of tuples containing strings. Each tuple is sha, name, kind.
:rtype: list
command = ['git', 'ls-remote', '--heads', '--tags']
output = run_command(local_root, command)
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Git failed to list remote refs.', exc.output)
# Dereference annotated tags if any. No need to fetch annotations.
if '^{}' in output:
parsed = list()
for group in (m.groupdict() for m in RE_REMOTE.finditer(output)):
dereferenced, name, kind = group['name'].endswith('^{}'), group['name'][:-3], group['kind']
if dereferenced and parsed and kind == parsed[-1]['kind'] == 'tags' and name == parsed[-1]['name']:
parsed[-1]['sha'] = group['sha']
parsed = [m.groupdict() for m in RE_REMOTE.finditer(output)]
return [[i['sha'], i['name'], i['kind']] for i in parsed]
def filter_and_date(local_root, conf_rel_paths, commits):
"""Get commit Unix timestamps and first matching path. Exclude commits with no file.
:raise CalledProcessError: Unhandled git command failure.
:raise GitError: A commit SHA has not been fetched.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param iter conf_rel_paths: List of possible relative paths (to git root) of Sphinx (e.g. docs/
:param iter commits: List of commit SHAs.
:return: Commit time (seconds since Unix epoch) for each commit and path. SHA keys and [int, str] values.
:rtype: dict
dates_paths = dict()
# Filter without docs.
for commit in commits:
if commit in dates_paths:
command = ['git', 'ls-tree', '--name-only', '-r', commit] + conf_rel_paths
output = run_command(local_root, command)
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Git ls-tree failed on {0}'.format(commit), exc.output)
if output:
dates_paths[commit] = [None, output.splitlines()[0].strip()]
# Get timestamps by groups of 50.
command_prefix = ['git', 'show', '--no-patch', '--pretty=format:%ct']
for commits_group in chunk(dates_paths, 50):
command = command_prefix + commits_group
output = run_command(local_root, command)
timestamps = [int(i) for i in RE_UNIX_TIME.findall(output)]
for i, commit in enumerate(commits_group):
dates_paths[commit][0] = timestamps[i]
# Done.
return dates_paths
def fetch_commits(local_root, remotes):
"""Fetch from origin.
:raise CalledProcessError: Unhandled git command failure.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param iter remotes: Output of list_remote().
# Fetch all known branches.
command = ['git', 'fetch', 'origin']
run_command(local_root, command)
# Fetch new branches/tags.
for sha, name, kind in remotes:
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'reflog', sha])
except CalledProcessError:
run_command(local_root, command + ['refs/{0}/{1}'.format(kind, name)])
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'reflog', sha])
def export(local_root, commit, target):
"""Export git commit to directory. "Extracts" all files at the commit to the target directory.
Set mtime of RST files to last commit date.
:raise CalledProcessError: Unhandled git command failure.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param str commit: Git commit SHA to export.
:param str target: Directory to export to.
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
target = os.path.realpath(target)
mtimes = list()
# Define extract function.
def extract(stdout):
"""Extract tar archive from "git archive" stdout.
:param file stdout: Handle to git's stdout pipe.
queued_links = list()
with, mode='r|') as tar:
for info in tar:
log.debug('name: %s; mode: %d; size: %s; type: %s',, info.mode, info.size, info.type)
path = os.path.realpath(os.path.join(target,
if not path.startswith(target): # Handle bad paths.
log.warning('Ignoring tar object path %s outside of target directory.',
elif info.isdir(): # Handle directories.
if not os.path.exists(path):
os.makedirs(path, mode=info.mode)
elif info.issym() or info.islnk(): # Queue links.
else: # Handle files.
tar.extract(member=info, path=target)
if os.path.splitext([1].lower() == '.rst':
for info in (i for i in queued_links if os.path.exists(os.path.join(target, i.linkname))):
tar.extract(member=info, path=target)
except tarfile.TarError as exc:
log.debug('Failed to extract output from "git archive" command: %s', str(exc))
# Run command.
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'archive', '--format=tar', commit], pipeto=extract)
# Set mtime.
for file_path in mtimes:
last_committed = int(run_command(local_root, ['git', 'log', '-n1', '--format=%at', commit, '--', file_path]))
os.utime(os.path.join(target, file_path), (last_committed, last_committed))
def clone(local_root, new_root, remote, branch, rel_dest, exclude):
"""Clone "local_root" origin into a new directory and check out a specific branch. Optionally run "git rm".
:raise CalledProcessError: Unhandled git command failure.
:raise GitError: Handled git failures.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param str new_root: Local path empty directory in which branch will be cloned into.
:param str remote: The git remote to clone from to.
:param str branch: Checkout this branch.
:param str rel_dest: Run "git rm" on this directory if exclude is truthy.
:param iter exclude: List of strings representing relative file paths to exclude from "git rm".
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
output = run_command(local_root, ['git', 'remote', '-v'])
remotes = dict()
for match in RE_ALL_REMOTES.findall(output):
remotes.setdefault(match[0], [None, None])
if match[2] == 'fetch':
remotes[match[0]][0] = match[1]
remotes[match[0]][1] = match[1]
if not remotes:
raise GitError('Git repo has no remotes.', output)
if remote not in remotes:
raise GitError('Git repo missing remote "{}".'.format(remote), output)
# Clone.
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'clone', remotes[remote][0], '--depth=1', '--branch', branch, '.'])
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Failed to clone from remote repo URL.', exc.output)
# Make sure user didn't select a tag as their DEST_BRANCH.
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'symbolic-ref', 'HEAD'])
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Specified branch is not a real branch.', exc.output)
# Copy all remotes from original repo.
for name, (fetch, push) in remotes.items():
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'remote', 'set-url' if name == 'origin' else 'add', name, fetch], retry=3)
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'remote', 'set-url', '--push', name, push], retry=3)
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Failed to set git remote URL.', exc.output)
# Done if no exclude.
if not exclude:
# Resolve exclude paths.
exclude_joined = [
os.path.relpath(p, new_root) for e in exclude for p in glob.glob(os.path.join(new_root, rel_dest, e))
log.debug('Expanded %s to %s', repr(exclude), repr(exclude_joined))
# Do "git rm".
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'rm', '-rf', rel_dest])
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('"git rm" failed to remove ' + rel_dest, exc.output)
# Restore files in exclude.
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'reset', 'HEAD'] + exclude_joined)
run_command(new_root, ['git', 'checkout', '--'] + exclude_joined)
def commit_and_push(local_root, remote, versions):
"""Commit changed, new, and deleted files in the repo and attempt to push the branch to the remote repository.
:raise CalledProcessError: Unhandled git command failure.
:raise GitError: Conflicting changes made in remote by other client and bad git config for commits.
:param str local_root: Local path to git root directory.
:param str remote: The git remote to push to.
:param sphinxcontrib.versioning.versions.Versions versions: Versions class instance.
:return: If push succeeded.
:rtype: bool
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
current_branch = run_command(local_root, ['git', 'rev-parse', '--abbrev-ref', 'HEAD']).strip()
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'add', '.'])
# Check if there are no changes.
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'diff', 'HEAD', '--no-ext-diff', '--quiet', '--exit-code'])
except CalledProcessError:
pass # Repo is dirty, something has changed.
else:'No changes to commit.')
return True
# Check if there are changes excluding those files that always change.
output = run_command(local_root, ['git', 'diff', 'HEAD', '--no-ext-diff', '--name-status'])
for status, name in (l.split('\t', 1) for l in output.splitlines()):
if status != 'M':
break # Only looking for modified files.
components = name.split('/')
if '.doctrees' not in components and components[-1] != 'searchindex.js':
break # Something other than those two dirs/files has changed.
else:'No significant changes to commit.')
return True
# Commit.
latest_commit = sorted(versions.remotes, key=lambda v: v['date'])[-1]
commit_message_file = os.path.join(local_root, '_scv_commit_message.txt')
with open(commit_message_file, 'w') as handle:
handle.write('AUTO sphinxcontrib-versioning {} {}\n\n'.format(
for line in ('{}: {}\n'.format(v, os.environ[v]) for v in WHITELIST_ENV_VARS if v in os.environ):
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'commit', '-F', commit_message_file])
except CalledProcessError as exc:
raise GitError('Failed to commit locally.', exc.output)
# Push.
run_command(local_root, ['git', 'push', remote, current_branch])
except CalledProcessError as exc:
if '[rejected]' in exc.output and '(fetch first)' in exc.output:
log.debug('Remote has changed since cloning the repo. Must retry.')
return False
raise GitError('Failed to push to remote.', exc.output)'Successfully pushed to remote repository.')
return True
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