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"""Code that handles logging for the project."""
import logging
import logging.handlers
import sys
import colorclass
class ColorFormatter(logging.Formatter):
"""Custom logging formatter that introduces console colors if not verbose."""
SPECIAL_SCOPE = __package__
def __init__(self, verbose, colors):
:param bool verbose: Enable verbose logging.
:param bool colors: Enable colored output for statements emitted from this project.
self.verbose = verbose
self.colors = colors
if verbose:
fmt = '%(asctime)s %(process)-5d %(levelname)-8s %(name)-40s %(message)s'
fmt = '%(message)s'
super(ColorFormatter, self).__init__(fmt)
def format(self, record):
"""Apply little arrow and colors to the record.
Arrow and colors are only applied to sphinxcontrib.versioning log statements.
:param logging.LogRecord record: The log record object to log.
formatted = super(ColorFormatter, self).format(record)
if self.verbose or not
return formatted
# Arrow.
formatted = '=> ' + formatted
# Colors.
if not self.colors:
return formatted
if record.levelno >= logging.ERROR:
formatted = str(
elif record.levelno >= logging.WARNING:
formatted = str(colorclass.Color.yellow(formatted))
formatted = str(colorclass.Color.cyan(formatted))
return formatted
def setup_logging(verbose=0, colors=False, name=None):
"""Configure console logging. Info and below go to stdout, others go to stderr.
:param int verbose: Verbosity level. > 0 print debug statements. > 1 passed to sphinx-build.
:param bool colors: Print color text in non-verbose mode.
:param str name: Which logger name to set handlers to. Used for testing.
root_logger = logging.getLogger(name)
root_logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG if verbose > 0 else logging.INFO)
formatter = ColorFormatter(verbose > 0, colors)
if colors:
handler_stdout = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
handler_stdout.addFilter(type('', (logging.Filter,), {'filter': staticmethod(lambda r: r.levelno <= logging.INFO)}))
handler_stderr = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stderr)
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