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Statistical PHysics of INformation eXtraction

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  1. tramp Public

    Tree Approximate Message Passing

    Python 29 6

  2. dnner Public

    Deep Neural Networks Entropy from Replicas

    Python 25 7

  3. Set of Lecture at Duke in 2018 by Lenka Zdeborova and Florent Krzakala "Statistical Physics For Optimization and Learning"

    Jupyter Notebook 15 7

  4. Forked from dfdx/Boltzmann.jl

    Restricted Boltzmann Machines in Julia

    Julia 14 3

  5. INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING: An introductory practical course by Florent Krzakala and Antoine Baker

    Jupyter Notebook 13 7

  6. mlphys Public

    Travaux Pratiques -- Machine Learning for Physicists

    Jupyter Notebook 6 2



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