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+# About #
+Zenburn for Emacs is a direct port of the popular
+[ Zenburn] theme for vim,
+developed originally by Jani Nurminen. It's my personal belief(and
+that of many of its users I presume) that it's one of the best low
+contrast themes out there and that Zenburn is exceptionally easy on
+the eyes.
+The project was originally ported to Emacs by Daniel Brockman, but it
+seems that he has lost interest in it recently. This is the reason why
+I gathered here all improvements over the last official Zenburn
+version and started this fork of the project. It's my hope that it
+will be become a central place for zenburn development.
+# Installation #
+Zenburn depends on the color-theme package, so you should have it
+installed. After that just put this in your .emacs(or equivalent):
+`(require 'zenburn)`
+# Bugs & Improvements #
+Please, report any problems that you find on the projects integrated
+issue tracker. If you've added some improvements and you want them
+included upstream don't hesitate to send me a patch or even better - a
+GitHub pull request.
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