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A community-driven collection of themes for customizing Spotify through Spicetify -


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spicetify community themes

This is a collection of themes for spicetify, a command-line tool to customize Spotify.

You can add your own theme simply by opening a Pull Request (more info in

You can find a preview of all the themes in


  • These themes require that you have the latest version of Spotify and Spicetify.
  • To install Dribbblish and Turntable themes, follow the instructions in their READMEs.
  • Spotify ad-blocked version is not supported.

Installation and usage

(If you use Arch Linux you can find this project on the AUR)

  1. Clone this repository. Make sure git is installed and run:

    git clone --depth=1 
  2. Copy the files into the Spicetify Themes folder. Run:


    cd spicetify-themes
    cp -r * ~/.config/spicetify/Themes


    cd spicetify-themes
    cp -r * ~/.config/spicetify/Themes


    cd spicetify-themes
    cp * "$(spicetify -c | Split-Path)\Themes\" -Recurse
  3. Choose which theme to apply just by running:

    spicetify config current_theme THEME_NAME

    Some themes have 2 or more different color schemes. After selecting the theme you can switch between them with:

    spicetify config color_scheme SCHEME_NAME


The _Extra folder contains additional resources for tweaking the look of Spotify. More info in its README.


We've set up a separate document for our contribution guidelines.


Do not open issues for general support questions as we want to keep GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. If you find problems when using or installing these themes, or you need help in modifying a theme then ask for suggestions on the subreddit or on the Discord Server.

Use GitHub issues ONLY for bugs and requesting new features.

If you are unsure about which channel to use, go for Reddit or Discord.

Useful resources