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Parts: The Clonus Horror

So you see I'm lazy and don't want to read 4,000,000,000,000 RSS messages telling me who committed what. I also like to carry my code around with me. You never know when the mood will strike you and having tons of code with you might be a good thing.

This script, is a small little piece of code that takes a simple YAML file (see mine, which is included as a starter) and grabs all the repos defined in it.

You can run it subsequently to do all manner of foul magic.


  • Fork it/Clone it/Download it, whatever
  • bundle install
  • Edit the_clonus_horrors.yml until you are content. It has a few of the repos I carry around with me in it to get you started. Your brain could not stand the awesome fighting force that is my full the_clonus_horrors.yml file.

First Run

  • Run ./parts ** All your repos are cloned, if they already exist nothing is done

Second through Infinity Run

  • ./parts git update or ./parts ls or ./parts my-hands-are-bananas ** You get the idea