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" * General Settings
scriptencoding utf-8
" colorscheme spicycodegui
" colorscheme github256
colorscheme ir_black
" Use zsh.
set shell=zsh
" Enable filetype-specific indenting and plugins
filetype plugin indent on
" Explicitly set 256 color support
set t_Co=256
" Change <Leader> and <LocalLeader>
let mapleader = ","
let maplocalleader = ","
" Set temporary directory (don't litter local dir with swp/tmp files)
set directory=/tmp/
" Syntax Highlighting on
set nocompatible
syntax on
" Highlight matching parens
set showmatch
" Use the tab complete menu
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest,full
" Disable bell.
set vb t_vb=
" Don't flick cursor.
set guicursor=a:blinkon0
" Enable error files & error jumping.
set cf
" Writes on make/shell commands
set autowrite
" Set to auto read when a file is changed from the outside
set autoread
" * Text Formatting -- General
" don't make it look like there are line breaks where there are none
set nowrap
" use indents of 2 spaces, and have them copied down lines:
set expandtab
set tabstop=2
set softtabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set autoindent
" line numbers
set number
set numberwidth=3
" Make backspace work in insert mode
set backspace=indent,eol,start
" * File Browsing
" Settings for explorer.vim
let g:explHideFiles='^\.'
" * Window splits
" Open new horizontal split windows below current
set splitbelow
" Open new vertical split windows to the right
set splitright
" * Quick keybindings
" Quick, jump out of insert mode while no one is looking
imap ii <Esc>
" Remap F1 from Help to ESC. No more accidents
nmap <F1> <Esc>
map! <F1> <Esc>
" Yank from the cursor to the end of the line, to be consistent with C and D.
nnoremap Y y$
" Let syntastic open the error list
" let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list=1
" Add RebuildTagsFile function/command
function! s:RebuildTagsFile()
!ctags -R --exclude=coverage --exclude=files --exclude=public --exclude=log --exclude=tmp --exclude=vendor *
command! -nargs=0 RebuildTagsFile call s:RebuildTagsFile()
" if !exists("clean_whitespace_autocommand_loaded")
" let clean_whitespace_autocommand_loaded = 1
" autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e
" endif
" * Load external config
runtime! custom/statusbar_config.vim
runtime! custom/ruby_and_rails_config.vim
runtime! custom/clojure_config.vim
runtime! custom/vimshell_config.vim
runtime! custom/taglist_config.vim
runtime! custom/search_config.vim
runtime! custom/nerdcommenter_config.vim
runtime! custom/nerdtree_config.vim
runtime! custom/fuzzy_finder_config.vim
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