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A Matrix-like field type that uses existing fields

Neo is a Craft CMS field type that builds upon the concept of the Matrix field type with a number of very useful features. Neo has been carefully crafted (pun intended) to ensure it matches the look and feel of Craft.

Use existing fields

In contrast to the Matrix field, block types are built using existing fields.

Organise blocks with tabs

Sometimes block types require having a lot of fields. Using the field layout designer, you can organise fields into tabs, much like when creating entry types.

Group block buttons

And sometimes you end up with many block types. Adding groups allows you to organise your block types into drop down menus.

Set maximum blocks by type

Neo has the ability to set a maximum count on individual block types.

Allow blocks to contain children

Let block types have the ability to contain child block types. You can filter what blocks are allowed within others, as well as set whether a block type can only be a child of another.

Copy/Paste Blocks

A copied block can be pasted anywhere within its field that allows that particular block type to exist. Neo copies/pastes a block with descendants, all descendant blocks are copied and pasted with the ancestor block.


Created by Benjamin Fleming
Maintained by Spicy Web