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SpiderBasic-Module for using jQuery (


IncludeFile ""

UseModule jQuery
  Define Table, TableRow, TableCell
  Define rowCounter, cellCounter
  Table = Element("<table />") ; Create a table element
  SetAttribute(Table, "border", "1") ; set the border attribute
  SetCSS(Table, "background-color", "white") ; set the background-color to white
  SetCSS(Table, "position", "absolute") ; set the position...
  SetCSS(Table, "top", "100px")
  SetCSS(Table, "left", "100px")
  For rowCounter = 0 To 9 ; let's create 10 table rows
    TableRow = Element("<tr />") ; create a table row element
    For cellCounter = 0 To 9 ; let's create 10 table cells per row
      TableCell = Element("<td />") ; create a table cell element
      SetText(TableCell, "Row " + rowCounter + " / Cell " + cellCounter) ; write some text into the cell
      Append(TableRow, TableCell) ; append the new cell element to the current row element
    Append(Table, TableRow) ; append the new row element to the table element
  Body = Element("Body") ; get the body element
  Append(Body, Table) ; and append the table element to the body element
UnuseModule jQuery



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