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Documentation on Wiki!

Getting Started

  1. Download code
  2. Run rake -T to browse tasks.

Either run a rake, and you quickly get a release-build, or set up a database TxTests and a table Things as can be seen in the unit tests and then run rake build_all to get both a release and a debug build.

The debug build has code contracts interwoven which will catch you out if you break the API contracts. The release build is completely free from contracts. As such, I strongly recommend that you develop towards the debug build.

Also, note that there's extensive log4net logging enabled. Just add a default logger.

Overview Transactions

Castle Transactions 3.0 enables the .Net coder with:

  • Transactional NTFS (TxF - File Transactions) with the KTM/Kernel Transaction Manager.
  • Integration with System.Transactions
  • 'Nice'/easy creation of CommittableTransaction/DependentTransaction that exposes more features than TransactionScope.
  • Retry policies for transactions

The .IO namespace of Castle Transactions enables:

  • A better tested Path util than what's in the .Net Framework.
  • A MapPath-implementation (as seen in ASP.Net).
  • Full directory/file name length support. No more "PathTooLongException" or borked install or build scripts.

Castle AutoTx 3.0 enables the .Net coder with:

  • Easily applying transactions through inversion of control.
  • Easily applying Retry-Policies to transactional methods
  • Compensations when transactions abort.


  • rake prepare
  • Open .sln file in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Unit/integration test -> code -> fix test -> ...
  • rake or rake test_all
  • git add . -A, then git commit -m "I improved something"

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail: or ask at Castle Project Users - Google Groups. As long as the projects are at RC-status I prefer if you e-mail me; it'll be a faster turn-around time and I get the e-mails straight to my inbox.


Henrik Feldt / The Castle Project