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Parsing Dict object from a text file
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Parsing Dict object from a text file

The following script is able to parse the strings from a text file as separate dict obj with base type. This allows user to create the dict object easily in a text file. As for now, the values the dict can take basic type such as int, float and string.

Creating the text file format is simple. Starting a dict on a new line with $ followed by the key value pairs in each subsequent line. The format for the pair is :<value1,value2…>

Example of a file format used is as below:

Text file

$first aa:bbb,cccc,1,2,3 1:1,bbb,cccc,1,2,3

$second ee:bbb,cccc,1,2,3 2:1,bbb,cccc,1,2,3

end of file

See for more details.

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