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@spieglt spieglt released this 01 Apr 01:39
· 2 commits to master since this release

New interoperable browser version at!

  • Added CLI flags to:
    • encrypt/decrypt from stdin instead of file (-E, -D)
    • encrypt/decrypt to stdout instead of file (-O)
    • read password from a file (-f) instead of prompting for it
    • accept password directly with -p instead of prompting (not recommended: password will appear in shell history)
  • Increased speed by... a lot. Not sure exactly, depends on platform.
  • Added progress bar to GUI and progress output to CLI.
  • Encryption/decryption of empty files now possible.
  • Changed password hashing from scryptsalsa208sha256 to Argon2id.
  • Windows GUI version builds with MSVC instead of MinGW.