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Tesseract for Zugmonitor


If you are looking for Tesseract by Square, please check the original repository. I have only forked that repository to work on the gh-pages branch, so that I could get the demo site up and running quickly.

This repository here contains the ruby code for converting the data from Zugmonitor into the CSV format that needed by the demo site.


  1. Create a folder input_data

  2. Download some data from the Zugmonitor API and save it in folder input_data. e.g. this is how I downloaded the data for January - March 2012:

    curl "[1-3]-0[1-9]" -o 2012-0#1-0#2.json
    curl "[1-3]-[10-31]" -o 2012-0#1-#2.json
  3. run converter => will create file trains.csv

    bundle install
    ruby converter.rb
  4. check trains.csv, should look similar to this

    01011423,0,289,Aarhus,Hamburg Hbf
    01012152,5,259,Hamburg-Altona,Berlin Südkreuz
    01010757,0,455,Aarhus,Berlin Ostbahnhof
    01011810,0,635,Koebenhavn H,Praha hl.n.
    01011810,20,621,Koebenhavn H,Amsterdam Centraal
    01011810,0,968,Koebenhavn H,Basel SBB
    01011745,0,289,Koebenhavn H,Hamburg Hbf
    01011728,5,289,Hamburg Hbf,Koebenhavn H
    01011545,0,289,Koebenhavn H,Hamburg Hbf


Calculating Haversine distance between two coordinates based on reference 1 and reference 2. Using the Haversine Distance Ruby gem.

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