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HELP WANTED: This simple but invaluable tool is used in production by dozens of companies but can use some love! If you're interested in helping to > maintain this project, please reach out to


The SPIFFE Helper is a simple utility for fetching X.509 SVID certificates from the SPIFFE Workload API, launch a process that makes use of the certificates and continuously get new certificates before they expire. The launched process is signaled to reload the certificates when is needed.


$ spiffe-helper -config <config_file>

<config_file>: file path to the configuration file.

If -config is not specified, the default value helper.conf is assumed.


The configuration file is an HCL formatted file that defines the following configurations:

Configuration Description Example Value
agentAddress Socket address of SPIRE Agent. "/tmp/agent.sock"
cmd The path to the process to launch. "ghostunnel"
cmdArgs The arguments of the process to launch. "server --listen localhost:8002 --target localhost:8001--keystore certs/svid_key.pem --cacert certs/svid_bundle.pem --allow-uri-san spiffe://"
certDir Directory name to store the fetched certificates. This directory must be created previously. "certs"
addIntermediatesToBundle Add intermediate certificates into Bundle file instead of SVID file. true
renewSignal The signal that the process to be launched expects to reload the certificates. "SIGUSR1"
svidFileName File name to be used to store the X.509 SVID public certificate in PEM format. "svid.pem"
svidKeyFileName File name to be used to store the X.509 SVID private key and public certificate in PEM format. "svid_key.pem"
svidBundleFileName File name to be used to store the X.509 SVID Bundle in PEM format. "svid_bundle.pem"

Configuration example

agentAddress = "/tmp/agent.sock"
cmd = "ghostunnel"
cmdArgs = "server --listen localhost:8002 --target localhost:8001 --keystore certs/svid_key.pem --cacert certs/svid_bundle.pem --allow-uri-san spiffe://"
certDir = "certs"
renewSignal = "SIGUSR1"
svidFileName = "svid.pem"
svidKeyFileName = "svid_key.pem"
svidBundleFileName = "svid_bundle.pem"