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Download pre-built SPIRE Releases

The table below lists the available releases for SPIRE. The following is available for each release:

  • A tarball containing:
    • The spire-agent and spire-server binaries
    • Configuration for the SPIRE agent and server
    • A Docker Compose configuration that enables you to run an agent and a server simultaneously using Docker
  • A .txt file containing checksums for the binary tarball
  • The SPIRE source code as a zip file
  • The SPIRE source code as a tarball

SPIRE releases

{{< releases >}}

This document tells you how to build SPIRE from source, perhaps because you'd like to try out an unreleased version.

Build from Source


First, fetch the SPIRE repository:

$ git clone && cd spire

{{< info >}} The SPIRE codebase uses Go modules, which means that the SPIRE repository does not need to be in your GOPATH. {{< /info >}}


{{< requirement >}} To build SPIRE from source, you'll need Go 1.11 or higher. {{< /requirement >}}

To build the spire-agent and spire-server binaries from source:

$ make all

The built binaries are available in bin/spire-agent and bin/spire-server, respectively.

Getting help

If you run make help, you'll see a complete list of available make commands, along with descriptions of what those commands do.

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