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Agent plugin: NodeAttestor "sshpop"

Must be used in conjunction with the server-side sshpop plugin

The sshpop plugin provides attestation data for a node that has been provisioned with an ssh identity through an out-of-band mechanism and responds to a signature based proof-of-possession challenge issued by the server plugin.

The SPIFFE ID produced by the server-side sshpop plugin is based on the certificate fingerprint, which is an unpadded url-safe base64 encoded sha256 hash of the certificate in openssh format.

Configuration Description Default
host_key_path The path to the private key on disk in openssh format. "/etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key"
host_cert_path The path to the certificate on disk in openssh format. "/etc/ssh/"

A sample configuration:

    NodeAttestor "sshpop" {
        plugin_data {
            host_cert_path = "./conf/agent/"
            host_key_path = "./conf/agent/dummy_agent_ssh_key"
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