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Server plugin: NodeAttestor "azure_msi"

Must be used in conjunction with the agent-side azure_msi plugin

The azure_msi plugin attests nodes running in Microsoft Azure that have Managed Service Identity (MSI) enabled. Agent nodes acquire a signed MSI token which is passed to the server. The server validates the signed MSI token and extracts the Tenant ID and Principal ID to form the agent SPIFFE ID. The SPIFFE ID has the form:

spiffe://<trust domain>/spire/agent/azure_msi/<tenant_id>/<principal_id>

The server does not need to be running in Azure in order to perform node attestation.

Configuration Description Default
tenants A map of tenants, keyed by tenant ID, that are authorized for attestation. Tokens for unspecified tenants are rejected.

Each tenant in the main configuration supports the following

Configuration Description Default
resource_id The resource ID (or audience) for the tenant's MSI token. Tokens for a different resource ID are rejected

It is important to note that the resource ID MUST be for a well known Azure service, or an app ID for a registered app in Azure AD. Azure will not issue an MSI token for resources it does not know about.

A sample configuration:

    NodeAttestor "azure_msi" {
        enabled = true
        plugin_data {
            tenants = {
                // Tenant configured with the default resource id (i.e. the resource manager)
                "9E85E111-1103-48FC-A933-9533FE47DE05" = {}
                // Tenant configured with a custom resource id
                "DD14E835-679A-4703-B4DE-8F00A20C732E" = {
                    resource_id = ""
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