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Server plugin: NodeAttestor "gcp_iit"

Must be used in conjunction with the agent-side gcp_iit plugin

The gcp_iit plugin automatically attests instances using the GCP Instance Identity Token. It also allows an operator to use GCP Instance IDs when defining SPIFFE ID attestation policies. Agents attested by the gcp_iit attestor will be issued a SPIFFE ID like spiffe://TRUST_DOMAIN/agent/gcp_iit/PROJECT_ID/INSTANCE_ID This plugin requires a whitelist of ProjectID from which nodes can be attested. This also means that you shouldn't run multiple trust domains from the same GCP project.


Configuration Description Default
projectid_whitelist List of whitelisted ProjectIDs from which nodes can be attested.
use_instance_metadata If true, instance metadata is fetched from the Google Compute Engine API and used to augment the node selectors produced by the plugin. false
service_account_file Path to the service account file used to authenticate with the Google Compute Engine API
allowed_label_keys Instance label keys considered for selectors
allowed_metadata_keys Instance metadata keys considered for selectors
max_metadata_value_size Sets the maximum metadata value size considered by the plugin for selectors 128

A sample configuration:

    NodeAttestor "gcp_iit" {
        plugin_data {
            projectid_whitelist = ["project-123"]


This plugin generates the following selectors based on information contained in the Instance Identity Token:

Selector Example Description
gcp_iit:project-id gcp_iit:project-id:big-kahuna-123456 ID of the project containing the instance
gcp_iit:zone gcp_iit:zone:us-west1-b Zone containing the instance
gcp_iit:instance-name gcp_iit:instance-name:blog-server Name of the instance

If use_instance_metadata is true, then the Google Compute Engine API is queried for instance metadata which is used to populate these additional selectors:

Selector Example Description
gcp_iit:tag gcp_iit:tag:blog-server Instance tag (one selector per)
gcp_iit:sa Service account (one selector per)
gcp_iit:label gcp_iit:label:key:value Instance label
gcp_iit:metadata gcp_iit:metadata:key:value Instance metadata (see caveat below)

Not all instance label and metadata values are useful for node selection. To prevent the creation of large amounts of useless selectors, labels and metadata are not used by default. To opt-in to use a specific label or metadata value, specify the key in the allowed_label_keys or allowed_metadata_keys configurable.

Instance metadata can hold large values up to 256KiB. To prevent pushing large amounts of data into the datastore, a maximum metadata value size limit is enforced. If an allowed (i.e. key specified in allowed_metadata_keys) metadata value is encountered that exceeds the limit then attestation will fail.

Metadata and label values are optional. If the value isn't present, the corresponding selector will still have a trailing colon (i.e. gcp_iit:label:<key>:, gcp_iit:metadata:<key>:)

Authenticating with the Google Compute Engine API

The plugin uses the Application Default Credentials to authenticate with the Google Compute Engine API, as documented by Setting Up Authentication For Server to Server. When SPIRE Server is running inside GCP, it will use the default service account credentials available to the instance it is running under. When running outside GCP, or if non-default credentials are needed, the path to the service account file containing the credentials may be specified using the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable or the service_account_file configurable (see Configuration).

The service account must have IAM permissions and Authorization Scopes granting access to the following APIs:

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