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Server plugin: NodeAttestor "x509pop"

Must be used in conjunction with the agent-side x509pop plugin

The x509pop plugin attests nodes that have been provisioned with an x509 identity through an out-of-band mechanism. It verifies that the certificate is rooted to a trusted set of CAs and issues a signature based proof-of-possession challenge to the agent plugin to verify that the node is in possession of the private key.

The SPIFFE ID produced by the plugin is based on the certificate fingerprint, where the fingerprint is defined as the SHA1 hash of the ASN.1 DER encoding of the identity certificate. The SPIFFE ID has the form:

spiffe://<trust domain>/spire/agent/x509pop/<fingerprint>
Configuration Description Default
ca_bundle_path The path to the trusted CA bundle on disk. The file must contain one or more PEM blocks forming the set of trusted root CA's for chain-of-trust verification.

A sample configuration:

	NodeAttestor "x509pop" {
		plugin_data {
			ca_bundle_path = "/opt/spire/conf/server/agent-cacert.pem"


Selector Example Description
Common Name The Subject's Common Name (see X.500 Distinguished Names)
SHA1 Fingerprint ca:fingerprint:0beec7b5ea3f0fdbc95d0dd47f3c5bc275da8a33 The SHA1 fingerprint as a hex string for each cert in the PoP chain, excluding the leaf.
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