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Server plugin: UpstreamCA "awssecret"

The awssecret plugin loads root CA credentials from AWS SecretsManager, using them to generate intermediate signing certificates for the server's signing authority. The intermediate certificates are minted against CSRs generated by the ServerCA plugin.

The plugin accepts the following configuration options:

Configuration Description
ttl The TTL for issued certificates (deprecated)
region AWS Region that the AWS Secrets Manager is running in
cert_file_arn ARN of the "upstream" CA certificate
key_file_arn ARN of the "upstream" CA key file
access_key_id AWS access key ID
secret_access_key AWS secret access key
secret_token AWS secret token
assume_role_arn ARN of role to assume

+The ttl configurable is deprecated. When unset, the plugin will use the +preferred TTL from SPIRE server, corresponding to the SPIRE server ca_ttl +configurable.

Only the region, cert_file_arn, and key_file_arn must be configured. You optionally configure the remaining fields depending on how you choose to give SPIRE Server access to the ARNs.

If SPIRE Server Accesses the ARNs then these additional fields are mandatory
by providing an access key id and secret access key access_key_id, secret_access_key
by using temporary credentials for an IAM account (NOTE: It is the server user's responsibility to provide a new valid token whenever the server is started) access_key_id, secret_access_key, secret_token
via an EC2 instance that has an attached role with read access to the ARNs none
by configuring the UpstreamCA plugin to assume another IAM role that has access to the secrets (NOTE: The IAM user for which the access key id and secret access key must have permissions to assume the other IAM role, or the role attached to the EC2 instance must have this capability. access_key_id, secret_access_key, secret_token, assume_role_arn

Because the plugin fetches the secrets from the AWS secrets manager only at startup, automatic rotation of secrets is not advised.

SPIRE Server requires that you employ a distinct Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the CA certificate and the CA key.

For more information on the AWS Secrets Manager, see the AWS Secrets Manager documentation. 

A sample configuration:

    UpstreamCA "awssecret" {
        plugin_data {
            region = "us-west-2",
            cert_file_arn = "cert",
            key_file_arn = "key",
            access_key_id = "ACCESS_KEY_ID",
            secret_access_key = "SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
            secret_token = "SECRET_TOKEN"
            assume_role_arn = "role"
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