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// The Registration API is used to register SPIFFE IDs, and the
// attestation logic that should be performed on a workload before those
// IDs can be issued.
syntax = "proto3";
package spire.api.registration;
option go_package = "";
import "spire/common/common.proto";
// A type that represents the id of an entry.
message RegistrationEntryID {
// RegistrationEntryID.
string id = 1;
// A type that represents a parent Id.
message ParentID {
// ParentId.
string id = 1;
// A type that represents a SPIFFE Id.
message SpiffeID {
// SpiffeId.
string id = 1;
// A type used to update registration entries
message UpdateEntryRequest {
// Registration entry to update
spire.common.RegistrationEntry entry = 1;
// A CA bundle for a different Trust Domain than the one used and managed by the Server.
message FederatedBundle {
// Common bundle format
spire.common.Bundle bundle = 3;
// A type that represents a federated bundle id.
message FederatedBundleID {
// SPIFFE ID of the federated bundle
string id = 1;
message DeleteFederatedBundleRequest {
// Mode controls the delete behavior if there are other records
// associated with the bundle (e.g. registration entries).
enum Mode {
// RESTRICT prevents the bundle from being deleted in the presence of associated entries
// DELETE deletes the bundle and associated entries
// DISSOCIATE deletes the bundle and dissociates associated entries
string id = 1;
Mode mode = 2;
// JoinToken message is used for registering a new token
message JoinToken {
// The join token. If not set, one will be generated
string token = 1;
// TTL in seconds
int32 ttl = 2;
// CA Bundle of the server
message Bundle {
// Common bundle format
common.Bundle bundle = 2;
// Represents a ListAgents request
message ListAgentsRequest {
// Represents a ListAgents response
message ListAgentsResponse {
// List of all attested agents
repeated spire.common.AttestedNode nodes = 1;
// Represents an evict request
message EvictAgentRequest {
// Agent identity of the node to be evicted.
// For example: "spiffe://"
string spiffeID = 1;
// Represents an evict response
message EvictAgentResponse {
// Node contains the evicted node
spire.common.AttestedNode node = 1;
message MintX509SVIDRequest {
// SPIFFE ID of the X509-SVID
string spiffe_id = 1;
// ASN.1 encoded CSR. The CSR is only used to convey the public key and
// prove possession of the private key. The rest of the CSR is ignored.
bytes csr = 2;
// TTL of the X509-SVID, in seconds. The server default will be used if
// unset. The TTL is advisory only. The actual lifetime of the X509-SVID
// may be lower depending on the remaining lifetime of the active SPIRE
// Server CA.
int32 ttl = 3;
// DNS names to include as DNS SANs in the X509-SVID. If set, the first
// in the list is also set as the X509-SVID common name.
repeated string dns_names = 4;
message MintX509SVIDResponse {
// X509-SVID chain. This includes the X509-SVID itself and any
// intermediates necessary to chain back to certificates in the root_cas.
repeated bytes svid_chain = 1;
// X.509 root certificates
repeated bytes root_cas = 2;
message MintJWTSVIDRequest {
string spiffe_id = 1;
// TTL of the JWT-SVID, in seconds. The server default will be used if
// unset. The TTL is advisory only. The actual lifetime of the JWT-SVID may
// be lower depending on the remaining lifetime of the active SPIRE Server
// CA.
int32 ttl = 2;
// List of audience claims to include in the JWT-SVID. At least one must
// be set.
repeated string audience = 3;
message MintJWTSVIDResponse {
// JWT-SVID token
string token = 1;
service Registration {
// Creates an entry in the Registration table, used to assign SPIFFE IDs to nodes and workloads.
rpc CreateEntry(spire.common.RegistrationEntry) returns (RegistrationEntryID);
// Deletes an entry and returns the deleted entry.
rpc DeleteEntry(RegistrationEntryID) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntry);
// Retrieve a specific registered entry.
rpc FetchEntry(RegistrationEntryID) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntry);
// Retrieve all registered entries.
rpc FetchEntries(spire.common.Empty) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntries);
// Updates a specific registered entry.
rpc UpdateEntry(UpdateEntryRequest) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntry);
// Returns all the Entries associated with the ParentID value.
rpc ListByParentID(ParentID) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntries);
// Returns all the entries associated with a selector value.
rpc ListBySelector(spire.common.Selector) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntries);
// Returns all the entries matching the set of selectors
rpc ListBySelectors(spire.common.Selectors) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntries);
// Return all registration entries for which SPIFFE ID matches.
rpc ListBySpiffeID(SpiffeID) returns (spire.common.RegistrationEntries);
// Creates an entry in the Federated bundle table to store the mappings of Federated SPIFFE IDs and their associated CA bundle.
rpc CreateFederatedBundle(FederatedBundle) returns (spire.common.Empty);
// Retrieves a single federated bundle
rpc FetchFederatedBundle(FederatedBundleID) returns (FederatedBundle);
// Retrieves Federated bundles for all the Federated SPIFFE IDs.
rpc ListFederatedBundles(spire.common.Empty) returns (stream FederatedBundle);
// Updates a particular Federated Bundle. Useful for rotation.
rpc UpdateFederatedBundle(FederatedBundle) returns (spire.common.Empty);
// Delete a particular Federated Bundle. Used to destroy inter-domain trust.
rpc DeleteFederatedBundle(DeleteFederatedBundleRequest) returns (spire.common.Empty);
// Create a new join token
rpc CreateJoinToken(JoinToken) returns (JoinToken);
// Retrieves the CA bundle.
rpc FetchBundle(spire.common.Empty) returns (Bundle);
// EvictAgent removes an attestation entry from the attested nodes store
rpc EvictAgent(EvictAgentRequest) returns (EvictAgentResponse);
// ListAgents will list all attested nodes
rpc ListAgents(ListAgentsRequest) returns (ListAgentsResponse);
// MintX509SVID mints an X509-SVID directly with the SPIRE server CA.
rpc MintX509SVID(MintX509SVIDRequest) returns (MintX509SVIDResponse);
// MintJWTSVID mints a JWT-SVID directly with the SPIRE server CA.
rpc MintJWTSVID(MintJWTSVIDRequest) returns (MintJWTSVIDResponse);
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