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@drrt drrt released this Oct 10, 2019

  • Connection pool details in SQL DataStore plugin are now configurable (#1028)
  • SQL DataStore plugin now emits telemetry (#998)
  • The SPIFFE bundle endpoint now supports serving Web PKI via ACME (#1029)
  • Fix Workload API socket permissions when enclosing directory is automatically created (#1048)
  • The Kubernetes PSAT node attestor now emits node and pod label selectors (#1042)
  • SVIDs can now be created directly against SPIRE server using the new mint feature (#1036)
  • SPIRE agent behavior improved to more efficiently balance load across SPIRE servers (#1061)
  • Significant SQL DataStore performance improvements (#1069, #1079)
  • Kubernetes workload registrar now supports assigning SPIFFE IDs based on an annotation (#1047)
  • Registration entries with an expiry set are now automatically pruned from the datastore (#1056)
  • Fix bug that resulted in authorized workloads being denied SVIDs (#1103)
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