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a Textpattern plugin to display content only to visitors from the EU

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A conditional container tag for Textpattern.

Serve content to EU visitors only (e.g. a cookie-prompt: see usage notes below) or non-EU visitors (via <txp:else />) tag.

Latest version: spf_if_eu GitHub repository.


  1. DOWNLOAD and unzip.
  2. Upload the ‘geoip’ directory to your web root.
  3. Install and activate this plugin – spf_if_eu.txt.


  1. The plugin is intended to be used on page templates (e.g. to serve a cookie prompt such as cPrompt or my forked version) – but it can also be used in articles and forms.
  2. Content within <txp:spf_if_eu> ... </txp:spf_if_eu> tags will only be served to visitors from the EU.
  3. The <txp:else /> tag can also be used to serve content to non-EU visitors only:


… content for EU visitors

<txp:else />

… content for non-EU visitors



  1. Country detection is via MaxMind’s GeoIP database – it (very occasionally) makes errors.
  2. Not tested on Texpattern < 4.4.1 and PHP < 5.

Version history

0.2 – 26 August 2012

  • Optimised (thanks Jukka).

0.1 – June 2012

  • First release.
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