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Hi, I’m Aaron Crickenberger (aka Aaron of SIG Beard). I work on Kubernetes, and am mainly interested in things that improve contributors’ lives. My current employer is Google

My Myers-Briggs is INFP last time I checked, so I empathize a lot and like 1:1 conversation, but dealing with people for too long will wear me out. I bias toward action, preferring to solve today’s instance of the problem before solving tomorrow’s class of the problem. That said, for those larger problems, I aim for public, documented decisions, driven and validated by data rather than gut feel.


I am primarily available as @spiffxp on It is the only thing that notifies me, and I mute notifications off-hours. I am usually in the Pacific timezone. Refer to Current Status for who to contact if I'm not available.

Everything else is best-effort, poll-only, including:

I take forever to write things. I’m far more comfortable chatting things over, either in slack, or via whatever video-conference works for you (I like Zoom, Slack, and Google Hangouts)

Current Status

I’m leading the Kubernetes v1.14 Release. My goal is to improve kubernetes quality through test health and explicit criteria for alpha/beta/stable. This will occupy the bulk of my time for Q1 2019. If I'm unavailable, please contact the Release Lead Shadows

I’m an active participant in the Conformance Defintion subproject of SIG Architecture. My focus is improving Kubernetes conformance test coverage, via coordination with the maintainers of cncf/apisnoop to measure/visualize it, and contractors to write additional conformance tests. If I'm unavailable, please contact the cncf-k8s-conformance mailing list

I’m on my second term as a Kubernetes Steering Committee member, and am trying to set priorities for the year. If I'm unavailable, please contact another member.

My Average Week

I actively participate in the following Kubernetes-related groups:

This means I show up to their weekly meetings, I’m in their slack channels, I read their mailing lists (though am generally quiet), I create/triage issues, and I author/review PR’s.

Speaking Experience

TODO. I made a YouTube playlist. I usually recycle my steering committee election bio for a speaker bio

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