The Spiffy UI sample project building with Apache Ant and running on Node.js. This example integrates authentication and localization to show you how to fully interact with a Spiffy UI client from any application server.
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Spiffy UI - beautiful, fast, maintainable applications with GWT and REST

Hello Spiffy Auth Node is a sample application using the Spiffy UI Framework which builds a simple REST application with Apache Ant.

Building and Running Spiffy UI

Spiffy UI project that runs on Node.js and requires authentication for REST requests. The Node server authenticates, provides the REST layer, as well as serves the static files. It does not require any Node frameworks.

This project is built with Apache Ant using Apache Ivy and runs against Node.js. Once you have installed Ant and Node.js go to your project's root directory and run these commands:

    <ANT HOME>/ant
    <NODE_HOME>/node HelloSpiffyAuthNode.js

The former will download Apache Ivy and other required libraries and build your project. The latter will start your server and provide instruction on how to access it.

For more information on this project, please see Running Spiffy UI with Node.js.

Debugging through Eclipse

See Spiffy UI's GWT Dev Mode page for more information.


Hello Spiffy Auth Node is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.