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Spiffy UI Framework - beautiful, fast, maintainable applications with GWT and REST

Spiffy UI is a framework for calling REST from GWT. Check out for a lot more information and a sample application.

Building and Running Spiffy UI

Spiffy UI framework is built with Apache Ant using Apache Ivy. Once you've installed Ant go to your Spiffy UI working copy and run this command:

    git clone git://
    cd spiffyui
    <ANT HOME>/ant all run

This will download the required libraries, build the Spiffy UI framework, and run it with an embedded web server. It will then provide intructions for accessing the running application.

For information on all the build options run:

    <ANT HOME>/ant -p


The Spiffy UI Framework is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Get Help

If you need some help with Spiffy UI post a message on the Spiffy UI Google Group

Get The Samples

Spiffy UI hosts sample applications on the Spiffy UI GitHub page.

Build Status

Spiffy UI uses a continuous integration server from CloudBees. Check the status of the build on the Spiffy UI continuous integration dashboard.