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do ($ = jQuery) ->
$.fn.ajaxChosen = (settings = {}, callback = ->) ->
defaultOptions =
minTermLength: 3
afterTypeDelay: 500
jsonTermKey: "term"
# This will come in handy later.
select = @
chosenXhr = null
# Merge options with defaults
options = $.extend {}, defaultOptions, settings
# Load chosen. To make things clear, I have taken the liberty
# of using the .chzn-autoselect class to specify input elements
# we want to use with ajax autocomplete.
@each ->
# Now that chosen is loaded normally, we can bootstrap it with
# our ajax autocomplete code.
.find(".search-field > input, .chzn-search > input")
.bind 'keyup', ->
# This code will be executed every time the user types a letter
# into the input form that chosen has created
# Retrieve the current value of the input form
untrimmed_val = $(@).attr('value')
val = $.trim $(@).attr('value')
# Depending on how much text the user has typed, let them know
# if they need to keep typing or if we are looking for their data
msg = if val.length < options.minTermLength then "Keep typing..." else "Looking for '" + val + "'"'.chzn-container').find('.no-results').text(msg)
# If input text has not changed ... do nothing
return false if val is $(@).data('prevVal')
# Set the current search term so we don't execute the ajax call if
# the user hits a key that isn't an input letter/number/symbol
$(@).data('prevVal', val)
# At this point, we have a new term/query ... the old timer
# is no longer valid. Clear it.
# We delay searches by a small amount so that we don't flood the
# server with ajax requests.
clearTimeout(@timer) if @timer
# Some simple validation so we don't make excess ajax calls. I am
# assuming you don't want to perform a search with less than 3
# characters.
return false if val.length < options.minTermLength
# This is a useful reference for later
field = $(@)
# Default term key is `term`. Specify alternative in options.options.jsonTermKey = {} if not[options.jsonTermKey] = val = options.dataCallback( if options.dataCallback?
# If the user provided an ajax success callback, store it so we can
# call it after our bootstrapping is finished.
success = options.success
# Create our own callback that will be executed when the ajax call is
# finished.
options.success = (data) ->
# Exit if the data we're given is invalid
return if not data?
# Go through all of the <option> elements in the <select> and remove
# ones that have not been selected by the user. For those selected
# by the user, add them to a list to filter from the results later.
selected_values = []
select.find('option').each ->
if not $(@).is(":selected")
selected_values.push $(@).val() + "-" + $(@).text()
# Send the ajax results to the user callback so we can get an object of
# value => text pairs to inject as <option> elements.
items = callback data
# Iterate through the given data and inject the <option> elements into
# the DOM if it doesn't exist in the selector already
$.each items, (value, text) ->
if $.inArray(value + "-" + text, selected_values) == -1
$("<option />")
.attr('value', value)
# Tell chosen that the contents of the <select> input have been updated
# This makes chosen update its internal list of the input data.
# Finally, call the user supplied callback (if it exists)
success(data) if success?
# For some reason, the contents of the input field get removed once you
# call trigger above. Often, this can be very annoying (and can make some
# searches impossible), so we add the value the user was typing back into
# the input field.
field.attr('value', untrimmed_val)
# Because non-ajax Chosen isn't constantly re-building results, when it
# DOES rebuild results (during liszt:updated above, it clears the input
# search field before scaling it. This causes the input field width to be
# at it's minimum, which is about 25px.
# The proper way to fix this would be create a new method in chosen for
# rebuilding results without clearing the input field. Or to call
# Chosen.search_field_scale() after resetting the value above. This isn't
# possible with the current state of Chosen. The quick fix is to simply reset
# the width of the field after we reset the value of the input text.
# Execute the ajax call to search for autocomplete data with a timer
@timer = setTimeout ->
chosenXhr.abort() if chosenXhr
chosenXhr = $.ajax(options)
, options.afterTypeDelay
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