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Spigot Labs was a venture championed by Scott Vitale from August 2015 until March 2020. I set out to change the way people attend beer, wine, and food festivals - giving each fan a comprehensive experience memory with just a tap. I built many things along the way and in support of this vision including:

  • Fast, efficient event check-in
  • On-demand badge printing and provisioning
  • Embedded RFID technology on every tasting glass
  • Native apps for real-time engagement
  • An extensive corpus of marketing data, consumer preferences, and attendee sentiment

In the wake of the global COVID19 pandemic, the market for live events went to zero overnight. After 6 months with no events, I made the difficult decision to close Spigot Labs and trade in the "founder" title for my old, comfortable engineering shoes. Although closing a business often feels like failure, I'm incredibly grateful for the people who helped me along the way. I grew as an engineer, a salesperson, a project manager, and most importantly as a person. I couldn't have made it nearly this far without each and every one of you:

  • Kate Vitale
  • Ryan Evans
  • Megan VonWald
  • Lorin Ting
  • Elizabeth Glau
  • Aaron Stillwell
  • Fletcher Richman
  • John Wilker
  • Sonya Pritchard
  • Meagan Logan
  • Adina Johnson
  • Alia Pialtos

Thank you, sincerely.

Finally, a few pieces of nostalgia for Spigot Labs and the ride it was:

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  1. spigot-pi-overview spigot-pi-overview Public

    Originally a Lunch & Learn for Ombud


  2. expo expo Public

    Forked from expo/expo

    The Expo platform for making cross-platform mobile apps


  3. babel-plugin-git-version babel-plugin-git-version Public

    Forked from renke/babel-plugin-git-version

    Expose the current commit's hash and the name of "nearest" tag as constants in your code. Useful to quickly find out what version of your application is deployed.


  4. ember-data-has-many-query ember-data-has-many-query Public

    Forked from mdehoog/ember-data-has-many-query

    Adds query support to Ember Data has-many and belongs-to relationships


  5. ember-countries ember-countries Public

    Forked from danielspaniel/ember-countries

    Ember addon that provide list of countries


  6. ember-intl-tel-input ember-intl-tel-input Public

    Forked from cdatehortuab/ember-intl-tel-input

    An Ember.js addon for entering and validating international telephone numbers.



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