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First setup of Moodlite

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Preparing & uploading the sketch

  1. Make sure that the data folder is located in the same directory as the Moodlite.ino
  2. Open the Moodlite.ino in Arduino IDE
  3. To make sure everything (libraries, board etc.) is setup right, you may click the verify button at first (or press CTRL+R)
  4. You may see following warnings. This is nothing to worry about and totally normal
  5. Now have a look at the code and search for a section that is marked with Basic Settings. Configure everything the way you need it. For your first start with Moodlite just set STATIC_IP to false and leave everything else as it is
  6. Before uploading check if the correct COM port is selected in the Tools menu -> Port (after you connected the NodeMCU to your machine, of course)
  7. Then click the Upload button (or press CTRL+U)
  8. When this worked without errors you now have to upload the web server files by using those menu items

  1. Now try to let the NodeMCU boot. Maybe you have to powercycle it or press the hardware reset button
  2. The NodeMCU now should open its own WiFi network (default SSID is Moodlite, default password is Moodlite)
  3. Connect to it using a WiFi capable device (e.g. a laptop or smart phone)
  4. You may have to manually configure the IP address of your device (e.g. IP address, subnet mask
  5. Open in the browser of your device
  6. Enter SSID and password of your WiFi and enter a name for your Moodlite which it is reachable with in your network

  1. After saving these settings the Moodlite will restart and try to connect to your WiFi
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