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Slicehost Recipes
Slicehost Capistrano recipes for configuring and managing your slice. Require Capistrano >2.5.0
The recipes are designed to work stand alone apart from the standard set of Capistrano deploy recipes.
require 'capistrano/ext/slicehost' in your deploy.rb file
Slice setup recipies
Commonly used setup recipies. Check the source for more.
Setup ssh, iptables and aptitude
cap slice:configure
Setup mysql
cap mysql:install
Install Apache
cap apache:install
Install ruby 1.8
cap ruby:setup_18
Install ruby enterprise
cap ruby:install_enterprise
Install ruby gems
cap gems:install_rubygems
Install passenger
cap ruby:install_passenger
Upload vhost template
cap apache:upload_vhost
Install git
cap git:install
Maintenance recipies
Commonly used maitenance recipies. Check the source for more.
Show disk space
cap disk:free
Show free memory
cap disk:memory
Update aptitude
cap aptitude:update
Upgrade aptitude
cap aptitude:upgrade
Install package (it will ask you which)
cap aptitude:install
Reload SSH
cap ssh:reload
Install a gem (it will ask you which)
cap gems:intall
List gems
cap gems:list
Restart apache
cap apache:restart
Reload apache
cap apache:reload
Force reload apache
cap apache:force_reload
* Oleg Zhurbiy
* Thomas Balthazar
* Fran Diéguez
* Stephen Lumenta
* Jared Giles
* John Nunemaker
* Eloy Duran
* Mischa Fierer
Copyright (c) 2009 Joshua Peek, released under the MIT license