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SaPGPU Library version 1.0.0

SaPGPU is a C++ template library which provides a SPIKE-based preconditioner for the solution of large-scale sparse linear solvers using Krylov-space iterative solvers on CUDA architecture GPUs.

The SaPGPU library is built on top of CUSP and Thrust.

Additional information available at

Directory structure

There are two top-level directories:

contains the library's header files.
provides several example programs using the SaPGPU solver.


SaPGPU requires CUDA and the CUSP library, available from

Example Usage

#include <sap/solver.h>
#include <sap/spmv.h>
#include <sap/exception.h>

typedef typename cusp::csr_matrix<int, double, cusp::device_memory> Matrix;
typedef typename cusp::array1d<double, cusp::device_memory>         Vector;

int main(int argc, char** argv) 
  // ...
  // Read the matrix and right-hand side vector from disk files.
  Matrix A;
  Vector b;
  cusp::io::read_matrix_market_file(A, "matrix.mtx");
  cusp::io::read_matrix_market_file(b, "rhs.mtx");
  // Create the SaP solver object and the SPMV functor. In the solver constructor,
  // specify the number of partitions and a structure with optional inputs.
  sap::Options               options;
  sap::Solver<Vector, float> sapGPU(10, options);
  sap::SpmvCusp<Matrix>      spmv(A);
  // Set the solution initial guess to zero.
  Vector x(A.num_rows, 0.0);
  // Solve the problem.
  bool success = sapGPU.solve(spmv, b, x);
  // Extract solver statistics.
  sap::Stats stats = sapGPU.getStats();
  // ...

Building and running the example drivers

Use CMake to configure the provided example drivers:

  • driver_mm - sample program for using SaPGPU with a matrix read from a Matrix Market file.
  • driver_seq - sample program illustrating the use of SaPGPU on a sequence of matrices with the same sparsity pattern.
  • driver_views - sample program illustrating the use of SaPGPU with CUSP array views.
  • driver_banded - sample program illustrating the use of SaPGPU to solve banded systems.

To see a full list of the arguments for driver_mm as an example, use driver_mm -h


Submit bug reports and feature requests at

Feel free to fork the github repository and submit pull requests.


The code is available from under a BSD-3 license. See the file LICENSE.