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Notes for my Flatiron School lecture on deployment
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Failed to load latest commit information. updated lecture notes with latest talk clarified the nginx restart instruction.

Flatiron School Deployment Lecture

These are my working notes for my lectures at the Flatiron School.

All work is copyright ©2012-2014 Spike Grobstein and a license may be added to this repository in the future.

Contact me for details or requests to publish or use these notes.

At some point in the future, this may include additional lectures or more information and may not stick entirely to the subject of deployment, but may go more into administration of servers and other server-side software.

Lectures where this was used

  • 2012/10/25
  • 2013/02/26
  • 2013/06/25
  • 2013/10/28
  • 2014/03/31


Spike Grobstein
Twitter: @spike666

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