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This was heavily based on pivotalcommon/vim-config. Previously it existed as a fork, but it's not only diverged incredibly far, but also has different goals, so I broke it into its own repository.

This uses vim-plug to manage plugins, and will attempt to install them by default on the first launch. It does this by checking for the existence of the plugins directory in your vim config directory.

This repository also attempts to support both vim and neovim on Linux, OSX and *BSD.

To Install (neovim)

mkdir -p ~/.config
git clone ~/.config/nvim

Then, start up nvim. Then run:


This will ensure that deoplete is configured. Quit and re-launch nvim.

To Install (vim)

(Re)move ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc if you have them already, and run:

git clone ~/.vim
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Then start up vim and you're good to go. (there does appear to be some issues with vim compatibility at this time)

Updating (neovim)

Updating is relatively straightforward:

cd ~/.config/nvim
git pull --rebase

Then launch nvim and run PlugInstall.

Updating (vim)

Updating is relatively straightforward:

cd ~/.vim
git pull --rebase

Then launch vim and run PlugInstall.

FZF support

By default, this vim config will use ctrl-p for fuzzy file opening (via <leader>f), however if it detects that you've got fzf installed, it'll use that instead. fzf is a much faster fuzzy finder that's written in go and even has tmux integration.

You can install fzf with the following command:

brew install --head fzf
# then run the following to install the bash additions:

if you use ag, you can (optionally) add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

export FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND='ag -l -g ""'

that will use ag to list the files and ignore files/directories that are in your .gitignore. ag can also be installed with brew as the_silver_searcher.